Toyota Connected India's Compassionate Leadership Vision




Radha Madhukumar


March 31, 2023

Toyota Connected India's Compassionate Leadership Vision

Leadership attributes  fostering comprehensive growth of every individual at TCIN.

Towards the Future, Centered on People. 

Every team member is responsible for stopping the line whenever they see something that is out of standard. That is how we put the responsibility for quality in the hands of our team members

― Jeffrey K. Liker, The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World's Greatest Manufacturer. 

All are leaders. All are founders! 

Our curiosity, inquisitiveness, creativity, dynamism – and, most of all, our passion to "serve the customer"- makes everyone a leader in their capacity at Toyota Connected India.  We have a robust value framework that guides us in our business decisions.

How do we do this at TCIN? 

The first bold decision Toyota Leadership took was that we would shift our focus to core issues of Mobility. "If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."

Freedom of Execution 

If you can imagine it, you build it. We at TCIN believe our purpose is to amplify people's capabilities and challenge them adequately to bring out their best.  We state our objective and critical result and leave it to people's flexibility on how it should be done. This freedom of execution helps our people prioritize and deliver in line with larger objectives. 

Our Tribe (Tribe is our internal nomenclature for teams/functions) execute by carving out objectives, following opportunities, forming local and global partnerships, and hiring as required – resulting in passion and ownership distributed to the entire team. This bold step gave us  responsive leadership.

Trust by default 

Whether it is work-from-home, hours of operation,  or any other policy of significance, employees are trusted by default to do the right thing. We took a bolder move to trust them by default. All our people are entrusted with business decisions, and we have given them guidelines to follow while running a team and managing its dynamics. This has been the boldest move we have taken, and to date, we have never had an issue with that, and our teams continue leading without worrying about validation. 

Free form Recognition 

The other bold or disruptive move is Free-form Recognition. Do we require a rigid framework to recognize people? Do we need a limiting factor to appreciate people? -  A joyful workplace should have an accessible format for remembering people's contributions and teams' achievements. We removed this limiting factor and connected people's accomplishments in multiple forums wherever they were related. This way of celebrating people created an appreciative and participative ecosystem.

Significant contributions at the team and individual levels are recognized in multiple forums. This mechanism crosses boundaries across teams, hierarchies, and job levels and creates a great workplace.  This free-form recognition opens a different level of transparency and camaraderie at the workplace, and people see the sense of belonging here.

Our stand: Collective, collaborative, and futuristic 

The leaders in TCIN have created an ecosystem of innovative initiatives from all employees where people can fearlessly connect and collaborate with each other's ideas and creativity. 

Redefining Mobility with innovation is a product of the combined efforts of passionate employees oriented with the leadership values to create something new and meaningful.