The Story of Growth at Toyota Connected India





September 8, 2023

The Story of Growth at Toyota Connected India

A growth journey worth sharing!

At Toyota Connected India, we offer an equal opportunity for all our people to flourish and find the true meaning of growth. The future is full of opportunities, and there is plenty to learn here. We understand that everyone joining us comes with dreams and special skills to progress in their professional journey. And we do our bit to support this dream.

Now, let's hear it straight from our tribe,

One of our first five employees shared her journey, which was eventful, with significant product launches and hackathons. Being an active participant in hackathon events gave her international exposure to work with innovative minds worldwide, and this enhanced her learning experience, helping her evolve as an individual and a professional. Ela proudly says, "My growth with TCIN is upward and very much evolving."

Rashmi started her journey with TCIN in 2016 as a software engineer in telematics. The experience helped her understand the IT industry's nuances in developing and building platforms. The exposure has contributed to her learning curve and empowered her to think and do things differently. She pridefully added, "I am honored to be a part of the TCIN family." 

Srinivas's stint with TCIN has been a fantastic experience that helped him evolve from an engineer to a leader. The glide path was well-defined, and so was his goal. He could achieve what he wanted with hard work and dedication. When narrating his journey, he said, "I learned and was unlearnt about the process and engineering techniques." 

Krithiga started as a specialist engineer with TCIN. She had the opportunity to apply new learnings and experiment with the latest technologies due to the existing projects and TCIN's support towards innovation. This helped her unlearn traditional approaches and embrace new understandings. She confessed, "What works today might not work tomorrow – that has been my major learning." 

Shreyas is an automotive tech enthusiast and a proud owner of a 2005 Toyota Corolla and loves driving it around. He is passionate about designing and manufacturing highly reliable cars like Toyota's. He adds with conviction, "I wanted to be part of this journey." 

Radha joined TCIN at a nascent stage and experienced growth and progress with each passing year. When asked about her personal experience, she spoke straight from the heart about three simple approaches she believes can help anyone achieve their life goal. Put in the required effort, keep trying, and challenge yourself at each phase of your professional life. She shared, "The most important thing is the leadership's trust in each of us." 

The journey is invaluable!

If they can achieve it, so can you! At TCIN, we are dedicated to nurturing the genuine potential within individuals. We provide ample room for thinking, dreaming, learning, and innovating, all in pursuit of our primary goal: fostering the growth of our people.