Bridging Tech, Industry and Community: Meetups for Insights




Indira Moola


June 1, 2023

Bridging Tech, Industry and Community: Meetups for Insights

Techceleration is more than just a tech meetup for us—it's a step that defines who we are and what we stand for in Technology sharing, learning, and collaboration space.

These meetups are essential to us as they align with the very fabric of our core EPIC values - Empathy, Passion, Innovation, and Collaboration. Learning and giving back to the community are inherent extensions of these values for us, enabling personal and professional growth for everyone at Toyota Connected while creating a positive ripple effect within our organization and the broader tech community.

Techceleration is a dynamic platform where tech enthusiasts from Toyota Connected India collaborate with others to share their wisdom. With each meetup, we intend to ignite curiosity, fuel brilliance, and propel toward new possibilities for the tech community.‍

During these meetups, our key goal is to shape the future of mobility and address technology domains that bridge the gap between technology and humans. We delve into the awe-inspiring potential of AI/ML, uncover the limitless possibilities of data, and unlock the secrets of connectivity, among various other cutting-edge subjects, into which we dig deep.

"Knowledge sharing is not just about giving back to the community; it is our responsibility and an opportunity to grow together. It fosters a culture of learning and innovation and helps us collectively advance. We are happy to make this happen through our Techceleration editions. It is wonderful to see technology enthusiasts coming together from various walks of life to share what they love the most - emerging tech trends!" said Suresh KV, Deputy CTO of Software Development

Techceleration topics we choose are thoughtfully curated to address captivating subjects that matter most to our fellow tech enthusiasts. From AI/ML in mobility to the mysterious world of natural language processing (NLP) to quantum computing, programming language, and beyond, we leave no stone unturned in exploring these fields.

These meetups provide a platform to explore technology values and a valuable opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, industry experts, and passionate tech enthusiasts driven by a shared goal of driving positive change. Engaging in thought-provoking discussions, sharing ideas, and expanding professional networks are all integral to these gatherings.

"As a key Techceleration @ Toyota Connected organizing team member, I've witnessed this event's remarkable growth. With 16 editions, 900+ attendees, and 1200+ members, this thriving community serves as a platform for professionals to collaborate, share knowledge, and foster innovation," says Anitha Shankarnarayan, a core member of the Techcelerations organizing team." Techceleration's success is fueled by passionate and knowledgeable speakers who provide valuable insights and practical takeaways, igniting meaningful discussions among attendees. Collaborations with Women In Tech and Google GDC Chennai have expanded our reach, benefiting a wider audience. Being part of this dynamic community is truly inspiring and a privilege," added Anitha.

Participating in these open-to-all meetups allows one to immerse oneself in a vibrant community where knowledge and ideas flow freely. Engage in meaningful conversations, exchange perspectives, and collaborate with others who are equally passionate.

Here is a link to our Techceleration channel, which has our webinar recordings:

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