Innovation - The magic ingredient at Toyota Connected India




Indira Moola


September 2, 2023

Innovation  - The magic ingredient at Toyota Connected India

Innovation in action at Toyota Connected India

The way we use cars is fundamentally changing. With so many dynamics being involved with transportation, EVs, vehicle data, and the environment, Innovation is the only constant. With all these dynamics in the background, it is required at a much more aggressive pace than ever before. Toyota Connected India (TCIN), with its complete belief in Innovation as one of its fundamental values, moves faster than ever. The executive team at TC strongly believes in the ideas generated by its members and turning these into reality. All this has led TCIN to be rated as one of the top 25 companies constantly pursuing Innovation in India by GPTW.

How we foster Innovation as a practice

We understand that Innovation doesn't happen with a single spell from a magic wand. Innovation is the element of culture that inspires people to think and ideate, question the conventional way of working, and then rebel with a new thought of doing work differently and efficiently. If an employee feels about doing a task differently and efficiently, we don't discourage them. It could be how fuel data can solve a certain problem or how a set of codes will pop a new functionality. Any great innovation started with a similar thought of doing things differently and better.

Everything is created twice.

At TCIN, everyone can build twice - First at our ideas corner-   a breeding ground for numerous creative concepts and then reality. Our folks identify a problem statement and propose a relevant solution around the mobility space. Ideas Corner and Ideas Challenge are open to all employees as a forum. The pure purpose is to facilitate Innovation. Employees publish ideas that can enhance or transform how Connected Mobility can improve and impact how people move and experience the journey!

Some of these ideas are presented at the Global Hackathon at Toyota, only to find deep respect and appreciation, along with implementation and Proof of concept opportunities. Some evolve into Patenting opportunities and production programs to impact millions of Toyota car users. Some will transform how mobility is seen and experienced globally.

Hackathon and Hackcelerate 

Hackathons and Hackcelerate are coding events organized by TCNA and TCIN, respectively. These hackathons aim to create concepts in hours! While Toyota will further evaluate these ideas, it is evident that the future of your car's technology will emerge as groundbreaking solutions from brilliant minds that will improve the next wave of vehicles.

‍At these events, TCIN focuses on Safety, Security, and Social Good, along with the Mobility and Convenience categories, which focus on building out Mobility and Convenience experiences of the future. These events mirror the interconnected nature of the modern tech ecosystem.

From sustainable energy solutions to healthcare advancements, from artificial intelligence breakthroughs to societal impact projects, the scope of projects demonstrates the incredible breadth of Innovation that can be achieved in a concentrated timeframe.

Embracing various approaches and spaces, TCIN remains at the forefront of global Innovation, leading the way into the future. We are building tomorrow with countless breakthroughs.