Mobile Apps in the Driver's Seat




Jatinder Kumar


September 1, 2023

Mobile Apps in the Driver's Seat

Connected apps serve as gateways to a connected automotive universe.

As smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives, connected mobility apps have found their place in the driver's seat - redefining vehicle interaction.  These apps ensure that no aspect of the driving, safety, and service experience is untouched.

From traffic-stressed commutes to spontaneous road trips, connected mobility apps have emerged as co-pilots to drivers and owners, reshaping the car ownership experience and granting drivers newfound freedom on the open road. Car owners increasingly rely on apps to effortlessly navigate, park, manage vehicle health, book service appointments, and even access vehicles remotely, enhancing their overall ownership experience. 

Enhancing app-enabled convenience 

These Apps offer a range of services. By utilizing these remote apps, car owners can conveniently lock or unlock their vehicles, start the engine remotely, adjust climate control settings to their preferences, and accurately locate their cars within a busy parking area. Digital keys have introduced a new level of convenience for drivers, as they can securely access their vehicles through their smartphones, eliminating the need for traditional keys. Whether it's locking, unlocking, or starting the engine, a simple touch on the mobile screen is required.

Furthermore, the app seamlessly integrates with popular digital platforms and services, ensuring effortless compatibility. Users can effortlessly connect their favorite music streaming apps, receive navigation assistance, and even control specific smart home devices through the app's intuitive interface. This integration of smart home connectivity allows for a seamless transition between home and vehicle settings, catering to both Toyota and Lexus owners.  

Ensuring customer delight through simplified interaction

The integration of connected apps significantly enhances the overall dealership experience by offering advanced dealer services, vehicle health reports, and streamlined management of loans and insurance. This connected app ecosystem fosters a stronger bond between customers and dealerships through its user-friendly interface.  

Regular updates, personalized offers, and exclusive promotions can be delivered directly through the app, ensuring customers remain engaged and informed about the latest dealership offerings. This customized approach to customer interaction helps build trust and loyalty over time.

Prospective buyers can conveniently schedule test drives and appointments through the app, eliminating the need for time-consuming phone calls or in-person visits. Through remote diagnostics and monitoring, owners can stay informed about their vehicle's performance, maintenance needs, and potential issues. This proactive approach ensures that owners can address concerns promptly, resulting in increased reliability and longevity of their vehicles.

Again, managing loans and insurance can often be a complex and overwhelming process. Connected apps simplify this by providing an integrated platform to monitor and manage all aspects of financing and insurance coverage. Users can conveniently track payment schedules, review policy details, and even receive notifications for upcoming renewals or payments.

Prioritizing accessibility and security

When it comes to driving, safety takes center stage. These interconnected applications go the extra mile to ensure that drivers can readily access vital information in times of crisis. With a dedicated focus on safety and security, the design of this intuitive interface places utmost emphasis on reducing distractions, enabling drivers to access crucial information during critical situations easily, thanks to features like Emergency Notification, Collision Assistance, and Roadside Assistance requests. Your well-being remains our top concern. 

Empowering owners for a connected journey!

The Connected Apps by Toyota Connected are at the forefront of this automotive app revolution at Toyota Global. They empower drivers to seamlessly interact with their vehicles, making their driving journey more comfortable, convenient, and connected than ever before.