How TCIN is enabling efficient and smart dealership solutions?




Rashmi BR


February 1, 2023

How TCIN is enabling efficient and smart dealership solutions?

Toyota Connected India (TCIN) empowers efficient and innovative dealership solutions by harnessing cutting-edge technology in the automotive space. 

The mobility ecosystem is evolving and has immense potential to explore possibilities and innovate. At TCIN, we leverage this connected intelligence to create meaningful transformation for the car makers, customers, businesses, and dealership ecosystems.

Solutions for the future

The company has reached one such milestone in building efficient and innovative dealership solutions. The valued dealership solutions are futuristic and connect people and communities with passion and trust. The robust one-stop solution is meant for consumer and business convenience through the vehicle life cycle.

We identify blind spots as essential for delivering seamless dealership solutions, and that's why we've established proactive initiatives such as Hackathons and Idea Corners. These platforms catalyze collaborative brainstorming, enabling our teams to uncover potential issues and co-create ingenious solutions for bettering the consumer experience at Toyota and Lexus dealerships.

Our commitment to turning these innovative ideas into tangible, production-ready programs sets us apart. Our dedicated teams work diligently to refine, validate, and implement these ideas, seamlessly bridging the gap between concept and reality.

TCIN's assurance with data visibility

The platform for used cars confirms quality, durability, and reliability – a promise from Toyota about the experience each of our consumers enjoys, equipping our dealers and brokers with comprehensive support from TCIN, guaranteeing a complete and truthful journey for end prospects and users of used cars. It also means that when our dealers present a brand-new or pre-owned car, it carries an equivalent level of trust and accountability.

The platform dashboard is another power booster designed for our dealers to enhance business efficiency at the click of a button. This agile dealership solution augments data visibility and consistency for OEMs and dealers, expediting the conversion of leads and heightening the responsiveness of frontline dealers. 

Gatekeeper – assurance and efficiency 

Another technology solution is Gatekeeper, which seamlessly integrates data and images. TCIN built it as an intelligent security solution for dealers to recognize vehicles based on license plate recognition. This Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) solution is designed with cutting-edge technology and powered with an algorithm to ensure real-time detection capability, react to threats automatically, and optimize parking and tolling systems meticulously. The fact that it can seamlessly integrate with an infrastructure and is customizable and scalable makes it smart and cost-efficient. Be it on the cloud or on-premises, GateKeeper offers comprehensive analytical insights and enhanced surveillance capability to a great extent.

Seizing control with Fleet management solution

Here, the contribution of our fleet management solution, which bestows fleet vendors with the power to make spot-on decisions in real time with the help of data insights, cannot be denied. Also, these service alerts ensure that every vehicle gets the attention it needs right on time to streamline the fleet management process with accountability and seamlessness. 

The tech by TCIN further enhances the efficiency of the fleet network by managing the rental and lease agreements. A complete vehicle performance overview is always advantageous to mitigate risk and increase operational efficiency.

Last word

We design solutions for dealers' challenges in their regular operation – from a customer entering the premise to parking, access to customer data, and finally, a seamless buying experience and negotiation process. Our solutions provide a cohesive framework that addresses each critical juncture through a streamlined process and exceptional customer experience. TCIN promises to shape the future of dealership operations with excellence through many more intelligent solutions.