Safety is not expensive; it is priceless!




Yaseen Mehter


September 22, 2023

Safety is not expensive; it is priceless!

Drivelink - The Safety Telematics Platform at Toyota 

A blend of creativity and innovation helps us design vehicles with safety features that can save lives and enhance vehicle safety and services. 

Transforming to make a difference 

Toyota's initiative to reimage mobility through connected intelligence services prioritizes the safety features of the connected vehicles. Toyota is a market leader, driving change through innovation, efficient planning, and cost optimization regarding safe driving.

Through careful planning and designing, Toyota developed and implemented its telematics platform, DriveLink, in 2019 in America, enhancing the collaboration between customers and the car maker services such as Automatic Collision Notification, Emergency Assistance, Stolen Vehicle Locator, Roadside Assistance, Hands-Free Destination Assist, and so on. In addition, the telematics service platform enabled faster response using the available information and explored ways to optimize customer service. DriveLink from Toyota Connected seamlessly integrated into Toyota's already existing Safety Connect suite.

TCIN and Drivelink 

TCIN plays a crucial role in facilitating the global expansion of DriveLink, as the Telematics platform now stretches its influence to multiple nations, encompassing the United States, India, Canada, Mexico, and beyond. Within India, the DriveLink Telematics Platform is significant in Toyota and Lexus vehicles, elevating the driving encounter. Debuting in 2022 alongside Toyota India's inaugural Connected Car release, this platform brought forth an array of Safety and Security functionalities, all driven by the capabilities of DriveLink.

The workings of the DriveLink platform 

Over the years, Toyota Connected designed features and platforms such as the DriveLink telematics platform that ensure the vehicle's safety and the people inside it. It empowers vehicle drivers and passengers with reliability and connected features at the press of a button, along with vehicle information through cloud computing.

Let's look into areas we impact!

DriveLink substantially saves lives, provides safety services, and secures vehicles through its advanced telematics capabilities. DriveLink's real-time connectivity enables rapid emergency response and vehicle diagnosis in the event of accidents and ensures roadside assistance.

Automatic collision notifications can trigger immediate assistance, dispatching emergency services to the precise location. This swift response can significantly reduce response time and improve chances of saving lives. Again, the platform allows for remote monitoring of vehicles' health and status that helps to identify potential issues, prevent breakdowns, and enhance overall safety. It can also analyze driving behavior, including factors like speed, braking patterns, and adherence to traffic rules.

During vehicle theft, Drivelink's tracking service can aid law enforcement in locating and recovering the stolen vehicle quickly. This feature contributes to both vehicle security and personal safety. As part of the telematics services offered to help, customers reach their desired destinations without looking at their phone or typing anything. This feature was carefully designed to ensure safety since most accidents occur due to distractions while driving.

At the touch of a button, one can reach a real person in customer care to get additional information while driving the vehicle. The focus here is to improve the safety and convenience of users while enabling mobility with style. 

‍‍Shaping the future with technology in India

When our customers invest in a Toyota vehicle, we become their trusted companions, guiding and facilitating their secure journeys to their destinations.

Over 83,000 active connected vehicles are operational as of August 23rd, with 7,000 calls received since January 23rd. Since its introduction in 2022, DriveLink has successfully tracked 3.5K stolen vehicles in India. DriveLink in India is poised to establish an unblemished safety record, boasting a platform uptime of 99.99%.

As we evolve as an organization, so do our solutions, enhancing safety while driving. With the integration of new safety features, our commitment to improving customer experience with Toyota and Lexus cars.