How can data drive the future of mobility?




Ashok Ramadass


September 30, 2023

How can data drive the future of mobility?

How do we leverage Data at Toyota Connected India to impact the lives of our car users?

 At TCIN, We leverage data effectively by investing in data analytics, machine learning, and secure data storage infrastructure. We are also transparent with customers about data usage, ensuring it aligns with privacy regulations and customer expectations. By doing so, we create a more personalized, efficient, and safer driving experience, ultimately improving the lives of our customers worldwide.

Power of data in shaping next-gen connected cars

The role of data in shaping the operation of cars is widely acknowledged, and its significance is poised to grow even further as vehicles continue to evolve toward higher levels of automation. Future vehicles need to have a holistic idea of what's happening.   

Currently,  high-definition mapping involves the fusion of sensors – encompassing cameras encircling the vehicle, radar, GPS, steering angle sensors, and even suspension feedback, conveying the tactile road experience to the vehicle and the drivers. 

Data is, of course, the fuel for connected cars. Hence, as carmakers, we are optimizing the use of data to drive our customers' capabilities. For example, through access to the video from the vehicle's camera feed, the infotainment system can identify upcoming turns, reducing driving complexity while improving safety. 

AI and ML are redefining the road ahead!

 Enhancing the driving and ownership experiences for personal and fleet vehicles can involve various advancements such as identifying intoxicated driving, precision guidance through AR-driven navigation systems, recognizing minor collisions for insurance needs, gauging remaining fuel accurately, and comprehending driving patterns, among other potential innovations. 

These capabilities seamlessly come to life, thanks to ongoing data streams related to vehicle and environmental conditions, coupled with robust algorithms primarily executed at the Edge. For example, a car with a navigation system can identify road curves by analyzing signals from cellular and GPS sources.

"At TCIN, we view Data as where innovation and mobility intersect. We gather data from various sources, including cameras, Navigation, IMU, CAN, Diagnostics, Service Warnings, and Dealer platforms. By blending these diverse data streams, we engineer solutions beyond traditional norms. Our endeavors tackle various challenges, including enhancing Driver Scores, minimizing Micro Collisions, ensuring Fuel Accuracy, optimizing Vehicle Health, and decreasing Carbon Footprints. "

Leading this charge is our aspiration to redefine the driving experience—where driving becomes stress-free, and car users encounter elevated levels of safety and enjoyment. Ashok Ramadass, Director of Data Services, ML, and AI, articulates the above, highlighting our commitment to this transformative vision.

GateKeeper's data-infused ingenuity

Another illustration of our data-driven ingenuity manifests in our creation, GateKeeper. Guided by our innovative mindset, we embarked on a journey to elevate the customer experience within vehicle dealerships. Employing sophisticated Computer Vision algorithms, we birthed what we now call "Gatekeeper." This AI-powered license plate recognition system empowers dealership associates to identify incoming vehicles and link them to scheduled appointments swiftly, expediting the service process significantly.

Currently operational in hundreds of Dealerships across India, this product has garnered positive feedback for its remarkable customer service enhancement. Until December 2023, we have successfully processed more than 2.5 million license plates, extending the solution's capabilities to include automatic facility gate opening, thereby further minimizing the need for manual interventions.

Empowering the mobility revolution with the right minds

By spearheading groundbreaking advancements in data engineering, Toyota Connected reaffirms its commitment to global mobility and expedites its advancement. Sustaining this swift pace, we remain continuously vigilant for visionary engineers and data scientists poised to mold the future. We invite you to become part of this evolutionary expedition, where your skill set will propel innovation and reshape the landscape of cutting-edge technology.