Learning, research, and sharing - A conscious practice at TCIN





February 1, 2023

 Learning, research, and sharing - A conscious practice at TCIN

Our belief in the power of learning, research, and sharing has paved the way for a future of technology excellence and creative expression.

Toyota's interconnected cars aren't just modes of transportation; they are data collectors with wheels that gather invaluable information about road patterns, driving behaviours, and more. This data becomes a playground for researchers, data scientists, and innovators at TCIN to unravel insights that redefine the driving experience.

This data-driven environment nurtured by TCIN ignites curiosity among employees to dive into the realms of data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Through hands-on projects, we unravel patterns, optimize existing solutions, contribute to the community through tech learning sessions and articles, and ultimately design safer, more intelligent vehicles. 

Medium blog: A canvas for tech enthusiasts

Our Medium Blog is more than just a digital platform; it's a creative canvas for our engineers, where their thoughts and ideas find a voice. We embrace a culture that encourages unceasing expression, inviting our team to delve into the realm in which they adore technology. Through this power of writing, we foster an environment that encourages growth and celebrates individuality. Here, ideas converge, and insights unfold, driving a narrative that enriches our journey in the world of technology.

Elevating research and learning with IITRP, Madras

In a relentless dedication to perpetual research and learning, Toyota Connected India has forged a dynamic partnership with IIT Madras Research Park. This alliance underscores our unwavering commitment to nurturing innovation within the mobility landscape. At the heart of this collaboration lies a series of investments in advanced research projects conducted with esteemed professors at IITRM. Notably, we have successfully published a paper on call summarization, a testament to the synergy of expertise that drives our endeavors. Additionally, we are actively engaged in the process of publishing another, further underscoring our commitment to driving knowledge at the forefront of mobility technology. Together with IITMRP, we explore uncharted territories between academia and the industry.

Safeguarding innovation with Patent filing support

In a world of innovation, patents provide the security and permanence that ideas deserve. Our collaboration with TCNA has empowered our innovators to successfully file patents in the US, shielding their novel ideas and fostering a culture of innovation. At TCIN, we understand the intricacies of patent protection, especially in the context of software and technological advancements.

Converging minds with knowledge-sharing

Our learning labs epitomize our commitment to sharing technical knowledge within the company. These labs offer a platform where engineers present insights to the entire Toyota community on technical subjects of their expertise. Here, we prioritize continuous learning, enabling our team to enhance their understanding and contribute to our collective expertise.

The goal is to invite all employees to explore, express, and innovate – to continually push the boundaries of what's possible -  to move towards a future where innovation and knowledge know no bounds and every mind commits to transforming ideas into impactful realities.