At Toyota Connected India, our values are a profound source of inspiration.




Pradeepa Ravindran


September 2, 2023

At Toyota Connected India, our values are a profound source of inspiration.

Toyota Connected India's EPIC journey.

We believe in imbuing the everyday work and business model with solid values. These values, known as EPIC, guide our present and shape our future. 

Living a TCIN life with EPIC values 

At TCIN, empathy sets our compass. We don't just make decisions; we shape our world through the eyes of our customers, teammates, and partners. Empathy isn't just a value for us; it's our way of life. Empathy is the guiding star that keeps us honest and true to our commitment from new ventures to our decisions.

We believe in building something great, and that journey never ends. With millions of customers relying on us, we are constantly driven to enhance their experience. Now, while we engineer world-class cars with cutting-edge technology, we also ignite the fire of passion in our people. Our values of passion fuel our pursuit of perfection and deliver exceptional products. But we don't stop there! We encourage this flow of technology passion and give back to the community. After all, the joy of giving is surreal, and no material gain can replace a feeling. 

We also take pride in being a hub for innovation, driven not by chance but by choice. Innovation is in our DNA, so we cherish and nurture ideas. Our Idea Corners, Hackathons, and research are a testament to this commitment.

Over the years, our value based on collaboration became our belief. Every individual has a vital role in our collective success, and we know that when bright minds converge, the possibilities are boundless. Hence, we don't simply gather talent; we encourage them to think out of the box. So, TCIN offers the canvas for its partners to bring the masterpieces to life, fuelled by ownership and a shared vision.

These EPIC values breathed life into TCIN, inspiring people and helping them achieve stability and success. So, whether you're a customer, teammate, or partner, know that empathy, passion, innovation, and collaboration are the driving forces behind everything we do at TCIN. Diverse jury panels ensure fairness and inclusivity in the evaluation process of Value Recognition.

The journey continues!

We continue to embrace change and encourage brilliant minds to unleash their creativity with a free spirit. A simple operative framework became meaningful when woven into a robust value-based bond. One day, we aim to inspire the world with our EPIC values – the essence of success, the heart of the journey, and the key to making a difference in people's lives.