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The key to productivity and safety in fleet management

Mobility companies depend upon innovative solutions to transform their operations and meet the demands of a dynamic market. Toyota Connected designed InFleet - the global fleet management solution to revolutionize and transform fleet businesses to new heights seamlessly.  

Advantages beyond limits

A unified global platform

InFleet provides a unified platform for mobility companies to manage their fleets efficiently, regardless of geographic location. This unified platform supports dealership programs, corporate shuttle services, and end-user leisure rentals through rental agencies/travels.

Driving efficiency with Asset tracking

With InFleet in operation, mobility companies can unlock untapped potential in fleet efficiency and driver productivity. It ensures a future where innovation meets efficiency and advanced analytics; real-time and remote monitoring can optimize routes, reduce idle time, and enhance operational efficiency.


Enhancing safety and compliance

Safety is paramount in fleet management. InFleet ensures customer safety and compliance by monitoring driver behavior, providing real-time alerts, and promoting adherence to traffic regulations, protecting commuters, drivers, and the reputation of the Fleet owners.

Customized for India Markets InFleet  

TCIN platforms are currently being integrated with these Pluggable OBD devices since many Fleet vehicles in India have adopted Aftermarket connected solutions. Most of the Fleet vehicles in India are not Connected / factory-fitted DCM vehicles, and they support various car brands in their Fleet. InFleet as a solution applies to Fleet Operators managing various vehicles from different car makers. InFleet by Toyota Connected India is open to all Fleet Operators.

Scalable for future growth

As a mobility company grows, InFleet expands alongside due to the scalability and adaptability of the platform that seamlessly adjusts to accommodate growing fleet scales and wider operational reach ensuring strategic expansion and innovative endeavors for the company.

Real-time data insights

Real-time data insights provided by InFleet can help to gain a competitive edge. From vehicle diagnostics to driver performance metrics, actionable data is important in making strategic decisions for the company's success.

In a dynamic market where innovation and adaptability are crucial to success, InFleet represents innovation in fleet management.
Embrace the transformational power of InFleet and unlock the full potential of your fleet management operations today.

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