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Unlock a new era of security and efficiency with TCIN GateKeeper.

TCINs GateKeeper is an advanced and innovative Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) product designed to enhance security, safety, and efficiency for various applications.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and robust algorithms, TCINs GateKeeper offers a comprehensive solution for license plate recognition in a wide range of industries set to transform how you manage access control, parking, law enforcement, and address customer needs even before the walk-in.

Why choose TCIN GateKeeper?

Unparalleled accuracy can help you say goodbye to manual plate checks and hello to precision.

TCINs GateKeeper's state-of-the-art ALPR technology ensures the highest accuracy in recognizing license plates, even in challenging conditions like poor lighting and extreme weather. This is possible due to implementing AI models trained on 100,000+ License plates.

Real-time Detection is swift and seamless.

TCINs GateKeeper can instantly process license plate information and capture colored number plates. It reacts promptly to potential threats and can help to manage parking and optimize the tolling systems without delay while personalizing the customer experience.

Customer Identification from License Plate

This feature ensures personalized greetings across all touchpoints, creating a wow experience for the end user and eventually enhancing customer loyalty towards the specific dealer.

Customizable to your specific requirements, it fits like a glove!

We understand that every organization is unique. That's why TCINs GateKeeper offers flexibility and scalability, allowing easy integration with the existing infrastructure and ensuring a smooth transition and maximization of value.  

Gain valuable insights from license plate data with our comprehensive data logging and analytics capability - the Dealer and Admin Dashboards for Analytics.

Now, uncover traffic patterns, track vehicle movements, and identify potential security concerns—all at your fingertips.

The automated nature of TCINs GateKeeper ensures consistency and compliance.

TCINs GateKeeper effortlessly integrates with your surveillance cameras, parking management software, law enforcement databases, and access control systems.

Considering the advancements, the next-generation ALPR solution can transform industries' management of security and efficiency. This will ensure unparalleled accuracy, real-time insights, and seamless integration with over-the-air updates like never before.

So, unlock a safer, smarter, and more streamlined future with TCIN GateKeeper!


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