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Innovating against time at Toyota Hackathons


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Suresh K V


February 1, 2023

Innovating against time at Toyota Hackathons

A glimpse into the inner workings of a Hackathon at Toyota Connected India 

At the recent Hackathon event, Toyota Connected India ( TCIN) teams showcased their remarkable ingenuity, propelling us ahead in innovation.

In April this year, something EPIC happened at Toyota Connected India - the Annual Hackathon! Imagine a dynamic convergence of over 100 talented folks from diverse departments, all with one mission: to unleash game-changing ideas that redefine the world of Mobility. At TCIN, we believe in the power of fostering innovation as a practice and are constantly inventing ways to fuel this fire. TCIN's Hackcelerate every year represents our commitment to push boundaries, embrace the unknown, and make a mark that resonates with the challenges of future generations. This year's Hackathon was no different. It was an electrifying showcase of innovation and collaboration.

Hackcelerate 2023 Closing Ceremony - 3 Days of Innovation, Collaboration,  Inspiration at TC India


(In the captivating video above, catch a glimpse of the event as our team shares why Hackathons are an absolute blast and deeply cherished at TCIN.)

Think brilliant engineers, visionary designers, and industry geniuses uniting their powers to ignite a technological revolution that means more than just business. The recent Hackcelerate created a future where coolness and trendiness collide with groundbreaking and responsible technology. 

This year, during the Hackathon, we focussed on various areas such as social Mobility and responsibility, reducing carbon emissions, and introducing intelligent and efficient business solutions that can simplify life for dealerships, service providers, and car owners, to mention a few names. It generated a wave of ideas that aimed to create a better future for everyone. Many of these ideas are now being implemented and set me to make a significant impact.

"Magic happens when ideas meet with a small, passionate team, a hard time constraint, cool swag, sugary treats, and some friendly competition for bragging rights!! That is what we do at Hackcelerate!" says GK Senthil, CEO of TCIN. "This is one of the key platforms for our teams to realize the enormous innovation potential. When supported by valuable feedback from Toyota's global leadership, it accelerates cool products and services, resulting in awesome experiences for our customers!" he added.

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In a whirlwind of excitement fuelled by an endless flow of caffeine and mouthwatering cupcakes, waffles, and Ice-creams, our people could immerse themselves in the exciting world of the Hackathon.
The adrenaline rush was palpable as teams eagerly embraced the challenge of tight deadlines, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a shared determination to create a lasting impact through innovation and to emerge as innovation contest winners.

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The team indulged in a light hearted moment right before their presentation. But the natural source of lasting joy lies in witnessing these ideas evolve into impactful features and projects, touching the lives of millions across the globe. This notion fuels the relentless spirit of our engineers, thinkers, and dreamers, who dedicate themselves to non-stop hacking over days on end.

They are hacking against time! 

The Annual Hackathon called Hackcelerate at TCIN is just the beginning of a journey to reshape many things in the automotive technology world. 

We are not only focused on Mobility but also on creating technology features that have a profound impact on communities worldwide. For us, it's not just about technology—it's about leveraging technology to make a difference.